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Stock Images (Page Headers)

Hundreds of new header images have been uploaded into our stock image library.  Along with the new images we have developed a color filter to help filter our images within a color category. 

To try out this new feature by going to Web Design, select Images, edit the Header, click "Stock Images".

Select the category of images you are interested in then click a color.


Other Updates:

  • Ability to download membership information from administrative website
    To access this go to membership and click the download icon at the top of the page
  • Secure web page editing to individual administrators
    Click the hammer icon beside your webpage and you will notice a new "editors" link at the top of the popup.
  • Added a filter to top of "Find a Link" page to help organize links
    the view this function open up Page Builder and click the "insert a link" icon then "Find a page". A drop down list will now appear at the top of this popup.
  • Added security to the administrative pages for "meta tags" and "other website options"