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New Features for the Membership Application

There have been some additional features added to the Membership Application.

  1. The ability to add additional security for family members.  Each member has the ability to add additional family members to their profile; now each family member can add an additional password to secure their website login from other family members.  This is useful when administrators have pages secured for individual members of a family.


  1. Members now have a quick way to email photos to administrators from their My Profile page.  If a photo is already on record then it will appear under 'My Profile'.


  1. Notes can be posted to members by the administrator so that when the member logs in they are alerted to the new information.  Notes also can have a start date and begin date.  Notes can be posted on the Family Level (they appear to all members of a family at login) or they can be posted on the user level (they appear to the individual member under My Profile).
    Some uses may include:
    1. Posting School report cards to parents
    2. Offering downloads or additional information and products to select customers.
    3. Offer time sensitive coupons


  1. Additional information within the member's online directory now appears in the website template instead of a popup window.  This cuts down on confusing with popup blockers.  Also additional HTML information can be added to the details section of each of your members.


  1. A directions link has been placed beside the address of the member that returns Google maps.

To add notes to your membership login to your administrative website >> go to 'Membership' >> click the family or family members name >> click 'Create a Note'.