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How do I create a sitemap?

Verify your website through Google

  • Create an account or sign in to an existing account.
  • Add a site under Webmaster tools
  • Verify your site by coping the Google code and entering it on your home page. After the code is copied login to your website administrative account >> go to 'Web Pages' >> select your home page from the menu on the left >> click 'Page Options' >> click 'Edit Metatags' >> paste the code into the 'Header Code' field then save.
  • Return to Google and verify your website.

Create a site map:

  • Create a site map xml file using one of the many site map generators available on the Internet.
  • Upload your site map xml file into File Manager 
  • View the link to your xml file by clicking 'link' beside the file in File Manager.
  • Copy the URL of the file after your domain name
  • Return to Google Webmaster Tools and add your site map.
  • When prompted for a URL enter the URL to the xml file with the exception of your domain name.