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Domain Registration - My credit card is being denied. I know my credit card is good. What could be causing the problem?

The following is in regard to domain purchases NOT PayPal:

We want you to be able to make your purchases, but we have very little control over the actual credit card processing companies and are unable to force your transactions through. Possible causes of rejected transactions are listed below to help resolve the most commons issues. 

* Make sure your credit card address is the address you are using when entering your purchase information.

Sometimes it's as simple as re-entering all of the information and trying again. Be sure the name, number, expiration and CVV2 number are exactly as they appear on your card.   

It may be an invalid CVV2 number (the 3-digit code on the back of your MasterCard, Visa or Discover card, or the 4-digit number on front of American Express cards). Read that CVV2 number carefully, many times the ink starts to rub off, and an "8" might now appear to look like a "9" or "3".  

It may be the expiration date has lapsed, or was entered incorrectly. Double check this date.

Sometimes your bank may even be rejecting the order for your protection as we are an internet business. If we are in a different country, they may also be rejecting the charge if they feel it might be fraud. You may need to contact them to approve the transaction(s).

It might appear to your bank to be duplicate charges. If the amounts are the same (such as many auto-renewals in the same night), they may have approved the first transaction, but rejected the additional charges. Contact them to approve these transactions. 

If you have recently moved, they may still have your old address in the database that is being compared and verified.  Give your old address a try (or call your bank and ask which address they have listed.  Likewise, if you use a P.O. Box on your credit card statement, be sure to enter the P.O. Box and not your street address.

If you are in another country and do not have a postal code, you can enter: NA

You may just need to contact your bank, ask what data they are expecting, and tell them you approve the transaction(s). You will need to give them the total amount(s) along with our Merchant name: Domain Name Registration  

Typically one of the above is the cause for our credit card processing company or your bank to reject charges on cards you know are valid.