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Tips on how to get your website higher on search engines like Google and Yahoo.
For non-competitive sites the following two things usually will get you on Google's first page.
  • Enter your business or organizations name in the TITLE of your website along with a few key word phrases that people would normally use to find your site. 
    For example: "First Baptist Church of Grenada | Grenada Ms |  Southern Baptist Church |  Pastor Jerry McGuire".
  • Try to tastefully include your key works as text in the body of your home page,

It usually takes 1-2 months for your page to begin moving up in the search engine list so please be patient.

If your key word phrase is competitive and may websites use the same key words.  Then you're going to need to develop some good content for your site, too. Here's the complete recipe:

  • Write a <TITLE></TITLE> tag for each page that accurately describes that page (no more than about 64 characters).
    To access the title tag go to "Web Pages" >> select the page >> click Page Options >> Metatage >> enter text in "Page Title".

  • Try to create two new pages every week. If you can't do that, try to do one page each week. At a bare minimum, create a new page each month.
  • As much as possible, your new pages should be unique, interesting, and compelling.
  • Make sure all of your pages are accessible through normal <A HREF> links (i.e., don't use JavaScript or Flash links exclusively).
  • Link to quality relevant sites. After you do so, ask those sites to link to you, but don't make your link to them contingent on whether they link back.