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Google Fonts

The days of having to use basic fonts like Times New Roman, Helvetica and Arial or sacrificing accessibility and load times for graphic text with special fonts are nearing their end due to new advances in web technology, and there are a number of ways to add visual interest to your text by using non-standard fonts. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use Google Web Fonts. Using a Google font only requires a few steps in Easy Address, and you do not have to worry about uploading any extra resources.

Using a Google Web Font

Go to Google Web Fonts and select the font you want to use. Once you've selected your font, click the "Quick-use" option on the lower menu.

Metatag CodeOn the Google Quick Use page, follow steps 1 and 2 to select the styles and character sets you want to use. In Step 3, copy the entire line of code from the "Standard" tab.

Within your Easy Address administrative website go to MetaTags and paste your code under "Header CXode" then save your changes.  Your next step is to go to "Website Designs" >> select your template >> click the CSS button and enter BODY CSS code similar to the following:

    body , td, th, div, span, font { font-family:'[enter your Google font name here]', Arial, serif important!; }

CSS CodeAfter your CSS code is saved your website pages should return the Google font you selected. 

Remember to place the CSS code important! at the end of your code as shown above.

A rule that has the !important property will always be applied no matter where a different CSS rule appears in the CSS document. So if you wanted to make sure that a property always applied, you would add the !important property to the tag.

Easy Address Website with Google Fonts