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Using Google as your Email Host

Did you know that you can setup email accounts from your own domain using the power of the user-friendly Gmail browser-based email system?

As an example, letís assume you own the domain and your name is Greg. You could easily set up as your email address.

Step 1

Go to the Google Apps Gmail page and click the button that says "Get Started".

Google Apps Get Started
Figure 1: Get email for your domain.


Step 2

Enter your information and click "Next".

Google Apps Get Started
Figure 2: Starting the setup process.

Step 3

Select the first option "Use a domain name I have already purchased", enter the domain you want to use and then click "Next".

Google Apps Get Started
Figure 3: Add the domain you want to use for your email.


Step 4

Now you will create your account. Enter the information required and then click "Accept and signup".

Google Apps Get Started
Figure 4: Creating your account.

Step 5

Now that your account has been created, we can start the domain verification process. Click the "Start Setup button.

Google Apps Get Started
Figure 5: Start the setup process.


Step 6

Click the "Verify Domain" button.

Google Apps Get Started
Figure 6: Begin the verification of domain ownership process.


Step 7

Select "Other" from the drop down list and then click "Begin verification".

Google Apps Get Started
Figure 8: Verifying your domain.


Step 8

Select the "Alternate methods" tab and then select the "HTML tag".   Your HTML tag will need to be pasted into the Metatag area of your administrative website under "Header Code".

Google Apps Get Started

* Do not click verify until the metatag is pasted in and saved.!

Step 9

Once your metatag is in place , click the "Verify" button.

Figure 15: Complete the domain verification process.


Step 10

Google Apps Get Started
The verification process should now be complete!

Step 11:

The final step of this process is adding the Gmail MX Records to your domain. Google provides their own mail servers, which you can read about here.

Add the Google MX-Records to your domain DNS by going to Account Information >> Domain Management >> Add MX-Records.

Figure 17: Setting up the MX records.


Step 12:

To add mailboxes and mailbox aliases to your Google account return to the Google Admin Console and click "Users".

Step 13:

To add a new user click the Add User icon on the top right hand side of the USERS page. 
Assign the mailbox name, in this case "bhunt".

Step 14:

The new user should now appear in your user list.

Step 15:

To add a mailbox Alias to a current user click the user name in the User Admin Console as shown above then click "Add an Alias" on the right-hand side of the page.

For more information please visit Google's admin console.