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Outgoing Mail setup for ISP
In order to send and receive mail through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) you will need to obtain the SMTP Outgoing settings to send mail through their servers. 

Step 1

Obtain the appropriate POP account information for Outlook by logging into your administrative website then going to Manage Email Accounts >>  select the mailbox you would like to setup in Outlook >> click "Instructions on how to POP mailbox.  Most of your information can be obtained from here for setup.  The information we can not provide is your SMTP Outgoing information.

Most ISP's provide you with this.  If you do not have the information then you can do a quick Google search using the term "SMTP setting" and your ISP's name.  For example, Comcast SMTP Outgoing mail server is  It must be placed in the Outgoing mail server field as shown below.

Step 2

Some ISP's will require authentication when sending mail through their server.  In this case you will need to click the "More Settings" button and add the username (usually the email address) and password given to you by your ISP.